We will upgrade and optimize your online presence and digital activities to grow your revenue. And we will support you through the whole journey - from concept to implementation.

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E-commerce services

  • eCommerce assessment and Consulting
  • eCommerce & CMS Platforms
  • eCommerce UX & Content
  • eCommerce Managed Services
  • eCommerce Product Development
  • Marketing Performance - Operational and Analytical CRM
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Campaign Management
  • Monitoring and Metrics

The structure of a successful e-commerce ecosystem

E-commerce is often misunderstood only as e-shop, but our approach to relates to the whole online presence of your business resulting in revenue. When assembling successful e-commerce ecosystems we ensure synchronised functioning of the five key elements, that are interlinked and all uniquely contribute to the service. Digital analytics forms the foundations, whose goal is to collect and structure inbound information in a useful and actionable format. Suitable IT tools then enable us to use and connect raw data with key e-commerce processes.

Based on this comprehensive picture we can create a rough segmentation of digital customers, their characteristics as well as potentials, as well as creating personalised offerings. Using a long-term view, we are constantly synchronising the entire process with our e-commerce strategy and pursuing relevant goals, that have been seamlessly embedded into our clients’ overall business strategies.

Renderspace's E-commerce pyramid

In-depth customer understanding

To achieve better sales results and customer-oriented goals, we believe it is key to constantly and swiftly adjust and adapt to changes in customer demands. The first step is always segmenting customers based on their unique habits, potential and demands. Segments defined in these ways are immensely useful for creating a tangible and actionable customer overview, that functions as a basis for creating relevant and personalised offers. We can achieve significantly better conversion results when using a data-led approach to optimising personalisation. And performing ongoing analyses of purchasing decisions, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of the shopping process, which in turn lends itself as a springboard for future business decisions.

E-commerce customer understanding flow

Key components of successful e-commerce ventures

Within an efficient and dynamic e-commerce framework there’s a number of simultaneous processes, that are very difficult to follow, let alone direct, without having a robust and systematic overview. To this end, we segment such processes into key components and their related metrics.

So we can, for instance, deconstruct online incomes into the following factors: number of visitors, conversion levels and purchase value. We can tackle increasing online income in three ways - either by increasing the visitor numbers, improving conversion rates or increasing the average order value. Depending on the state of the market, technical capabilities and available products, we can choose the most efficient approach to increase our clients’ profits from online sales at a given time, ensuring the quickest and most reliable results possible.

Key E-commerce processes

Appreciating the entire sales funnel

It is paramount that companies follow and analyse their processes and analytics within their sales funnel using digital analytics. To ensure a sustainable and continued success in e-commerce, each phase of the sales funnel needs to be equipped with relevant KPIs, suitable processes and relevant activities. To ensure ongoing success, we follow activities at each step, so nothing is left to chance and we can expect optimal results when using our fully developed and functional sales funnels.

E-commerce sales funnel KPIs

Digital advertising included

In cooperation with D’Agency our team delivers digital media strategy & audit, digital media planning & analytics, digital media buying & optimization, SEO & SEM. Our international team includes native speakers of English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Slovene, Croatian, Serbian and able to run global campaigns in 50+ languages and markets, with their key clients ranging from the private and public sector and industry verticals such as telecommunications, travel & leisure, finance (fintech, mobile payment), information technology, automotive, retail, FMCG, insurance, pharma and several other industries.