We increase and develop emotional connection between your customers and your brand.

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  • Engagement Marketing Platform - Blueprint
  • Channel agnostic thinking; Cross Channel Campaigns
  • Managing Marketing Assets
  • Engagement loyalty programs
  • Media Reach: Media Buying, Performance, Automatisation, SEO/SEM, Affiliation, Social, Viral, Direct
  • Connecting Content, Data and Technology
  • Web and Mobile Service Development

A strategic approach to brand building

We create comprehensive overviews of brand activities using our approach to engagement, which include numerous campaigns, platforms and activities. This organisation enables us to have a broad, thorough and manageable overview across numerous component pieces, concurrent activities and long-term goals. Above all, we can bring a wide strategy into a simple and compact matrix, without unnecessarily over-simplifying facts or lose key details.

Engagement activities as a platform

Building an engagement marketing platform

Our key product is a brand engagement marketing platform. This serves as a game-plan, point of orientation and compass for planning all brand marketing activities. At the same time it also enables optimising investment costs, and facilitates rapid identification of complementary goals and ways constructing mutually supporting activities. Additionally, it also offers an insight into reciprocal amplification of messages and extra yield of existing brand communications channels. So we can optimally use available resources, time and capital to achieve set marketing goals.

The platform focuses on the end user and customer segments with the aim of creating an end-to-end planning process for individual segment as well as long-term goals. We keep a parallel overview of complementary target groups, as the platform has been set up simultaneously encompass all target groups.

Renderspace's Engagement Marketing Platform

Loyalty programmes, active participation and gamification

We are convinced that long term brand success is dependent upon customer loyalty, repeated interaction and active customer participation. To facilitate and encourage this, we have developed a number of mechanism and levers, that we can use to encourage, grow, reward, develop and shape customer behaviour. Using digital loyalty programmes, while using suitable segmentation and personalisation, we an offer added value to customers, that’s relevant and useful to customers, and also maintains and encourages long-term brand relationships. By gamifying the relationship we can also add an element of exploration, additional engagement and, among else, fun. So we can turn simple and banal customer interactions into memorable long-term relationships between customers and brands.

Online gamification example