We build concepts that support fantastic customer experience.

Experience services

  • Customer segmentation and behavior profiling
  • Mapping Customer Journeys
  • Concept Design and Prototyping
  • Service design: defining end2end experiences
  • Improving UX Touch-Points and prioritization
  • User Experience Testing, Design and Development
  • Graphical Interface and Interaction Design
  • CEM, Customer Experience Management

A focus on the end user

We are always in the role of ambassador on behalf of the end user. We are guided by a care of user needs and a commitment to ensuring the very best user experience possible. We believe that an elegant and efficient user experience and satisfied customers directly lead to improved business results and long term success of our clients.

Peter Morville’s User Experience Honeycomb

A thorough understanding of user journeys

Every project of ours is based on understanding a fully developed user journey. We include every relevant customer touchpoint with the brand or service, both physical as well as digital. We are convinced, that exclusively this detailed knowledge of the processes customers go through, enables us to create exceptional user experiences and outstanding products, that are based on actual challenges, desires and demands of the end users.

Customer Journey

A wide remit of work

In our work we don’t limit ourselves to specific formats, environments or programming languages. We look to uncover solutions, that are the most suitable for the challenges we have identified for our clients. Depending on the challenges at hand, we define the most promising area for interventions - be it at the level of the user experience of digital products, or influencing the overall customer journey within digital and physical environments, or a systems approach to designing services and ecosystems.

UXPA Boston's User Experience vs. Customer Experience vs. Service Design

Testing assumptions and products

We are constantly testing our solutions on actual users. We find this is the best way to examine our initial assumptions, as well testing our products’ success in relation to previous iterations. This sort of testing gives us a unique glimpse into the everyday challenges of the end users of our products and services. Simultaneously, this serves as a great springboard toward identifying potentials for subsequent improvements and upgrades.


When creating and managing customer experiences we use the following tools:

  • ICON
  • ICON
  • ICON
  • ICON
  • ICON
    After Effects
  • ICON
  • ICON
    Optimal Workshop