We define how & where you need to take your business to get better results.

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Strategy services

  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation
  • Digital Transformation Programs
  • Omnichannel commerce strategy
  • Mobile Business and Payment Strategy
  • Digital B2B strategy
  • Defining and linking KPI metrics to business outcomes
  • Developing digital disruptive business models
  • Data, Analytics, Strategy and Governance

360° perception of challenges

We always consider our clients as complex entities, that require solutions tailored to their specific requirements, market position, current conditions and challenges within their industry, as well as demands of their partners and customers. Using our broad collective knowledge and experience we create a long-term strategy for success for each of our clients aimed at their unique business goals. The results are efficient digital products, that cater to both customer needs as well as clients’ business goals.

Renderspace's strategic research approach

Broad and thorough analyses

We create digital strategies based on thorough analyses of the marketplace, user behaviour and client potential. To ensure in-depth understanding we use a broad spectrum from which we choose the most suitable and efficient methods of research. This gives us a comprehensive view into untapped potential, hidden market opportunities and unmet customer needs.

Renderspace qualitative and quantitative research methods, adapted from Rohrer

Tried and tested approach

When solving issues for our clients we use our battle-hardened approach for ensuring tangible solutions, that we have developed through numerous successful projects. Recommended solutions are compatible with the client business requirements, long-term development strategy, technology requirements of chosen tools and also meet or exceed client’s creative solutions guidelines. And all the while ensuring an outstanding user experience for the end customer.

Our strategic framework approach:

Renderspace's Strategic Framework Approach

Expertise and experience

In cooperation with Indigo our management consulting team covers mostly digital transformation support, which includes strategy consulting, operations & process performance consulting, development of data driven marketing tactics, support at integrating the best of broad IT solutions (SAP, SAS, TABLEAU, etc.) and other top-line oriented services. Most of the consulting team are ex consultants from top-tier consulting firms, ex C-level executive and PhDs from physics and mathematics.