We support leading local, regional and global brands in discovering their full digital potential as a native digital consulting agency.

we are

a digital consulting agency

We help companies build great brands, new business models, concepts, products and services by creating meaningful and engaging experiences.

Our engagement marketing thinking is based upon transparency, interactivity, immediacy, facilitation, engagement, co-creation, collaboration, experience, data, deep insights and proximity.

UX Desing Awards 2019, Berlin Award in the category Concept
DCA Digital Communication Awards 3x GOLD
GOLD QUILL SoMo Awards, Weekend Media Festival 6x WINNER
EXPO 2015, Milan VR Project in Slovene pavilion
WEBSI Awards Agency of the Year
NETKO Awards Agency of the Year
we were

born digital

Our digital consulting team has been a special tribe of Pristop Group for 18 years and counting. We are a digital caste, we were simply born digital!

We are a brand engagement clan and part of a full-service consulting and marketing agency, featuring complete integration with all multichannel marketing activities and media.

we are

digital transformation enablers

We don't wait for change to find us. We constantly challenge industry norms to deliver better values for our clients..

We don't see our solutions only as a way to optimize business processes or deliver communication support for our clients.

We see our unique offering as the redefinition of existing business processes (marketing or communication), that take place beyond the digital world.

we help

companies discover & use their full digital potential!

We fight for your customers' mind space.

We use research, audience segmentation & behavior profiling to develop integrated marketing campaigns and cross-platform marketing communication initiatives. We build e-commerce, CRM, loyalty strategies and implement them using a data-driven approach and performance marketing. We develop digital campaign platform tools and marketing technologies to plan, build and deliver successful campaigns.

We help change brands into digital media destinations.

our history

shaped the future

A digital group of students of architecture and computer science come together
Glasses for 3D interactive installations (VR)
  • 3D interactive installations (today VR)
  • Experimental projects
A Multimedia and web start-up is established
3D modelled space
  • Postproduction
  • Development of interactive Multi Media
  • Web services
Renderspace is officially born
Union brewery logo from website from 1999
  • First customer web site
  • Using Flash - new technology at the time
Renderspace becomes part of Pristop Group adding digital marketing communications to its service portfolio
  • Two production pillars: Web production and Multimedia
Renderspace logo cca 2001


  • First separate department for Digital PR and Content Marketing
  • First VR application on web
  • Two years before Second Life was published on the internet


  • First separate department for User Experience
Coolinarika website logo cca 2003


  • First enterprise „portal“, Coolinarika.com


  • First CRM project
We became a Full-service digital marketing agency
  • First cloud based simulation, Windows Vista launch campaign
  • Impressed Microsoft and earned a golden Davey award
Itak webiste cca 2007


  • Itak Džabest website and campaign launch
  • Brandbuilding facilitated by content marketing and engagement activities
  • First Web/Mobile TV solution


  • Facebook game Pack Maps
  • User engagement OVI maps experience
Mobile app 'Itak superheores' cca 2011
Interactive Facebook app 'Wrigley 5th Sense' cca 2011
  • Wrigley 5th Sense, an interactive Facebook app
  • First Engagment Loyalty Program, „Itak Flike“


  • First awarded dron based campaign, „Inspect your roof“
  • Received a Grand Sempler and Grand prize SOF awards
Engagement campaign 'Živim lajf' with Zlatko wearing Google glass cca 2013


  • First campaign livestreamed with Google Glass „Living my Life
  • Real time first-person streaming used to engage youngsters
VR experience of ski-jumping in Planica with Oculus Rift headwear cca 2014


  • First VR ski jumping campaign, „Virtualni Poleti Planica 2015
  • Hosted at Expo 2015 in Milan
  • The European Excellence Awards, Digital Communication awards, SPORTO, Diggit, SOMO Borac
Digital consulting agency


  • Lean & agile project management method


  • Renderspace gains a performance marketing partner covering 50 countries outside our borders in D'Agency


  • Indigo offers consulting services for digital transformation enabling us to effectively cover all our client's digital needs


  • Introduced Comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research and analytics ads part of our strategies



  • We expand User Experience design to Service design


  • Introduced the position of Experience Director, taking care of customer experience (CX) as a whole
We enable successful digital transformation for our clients
we are

a creative, disruption-oriented consulting team

To be disruptive, we must be innovative. We understand that innovation is simply creativity and knowledge functioning together.

... and whoever must be a creator in good and evil, verily, he must first be an annihilator and break values. Thus the highest evil belongs to the highest goodness: but this is creative …

Renderspace Core

  • Photo

    Žiga Vraničar

    Digital strategy manager

    Žiga is devoted to understanding the complex universe of interconnectedness between users and business needs which led him to work alongside the best strategic marketing, communication and customer experience experts. He has more than 10 years of experience in consulting clients and leading complex integrated marketing, digital customer experience and service design projects for a wide array of domestic and international clients. He has successfully launched projects for clients such as Petrol, SAS, IPKO, Trimo, Knauf Insulation, Greentube and more.

  • Photo

    Živa Prelog

    Head of digital analytics and research

    Živa has devoted the largest portion of her 9-year career to research into what drives consumer purchases, combining knowledge of consumer psychology and statistics, accompanied by modern approaches in doing so. Her work mostly focuses on corporate online presence, where she uses her expertise to provide advice in the context of content marketing and website optimization based on understanding of data. Among her clients are Telekom Slovenije, NLB, …

  • Photo

    Benjamin Rančič

    Experience Director (XD)

    Benjamin has gained experience in all aspects of the digital design process through over 10 years of freelance work and within a number of agencies. He has worked on complex cross-platform challenges and delivered engaging digital projects from initial concepts, through prototypes and development all the way to final designs and a successful launch. His clients included KPMG, Oracle, Fujitsu, easyJet, HSBC, Hitachi and Nissan.

  • Photo

    Miha Ceglar

    UX strategist and team lead

    Miha has dedicated the last 15 years to planning and creating the best possible user experiences in various digital environments: websites, mobile apps and e-commerce. From UX research to information architecture and UX design, he has delivered numerous successful projects for clients such as Petrol, NLB, Telekom Slovenije, Hofer, Mercator, Siemens, Novartis.

  • Photo

    Tina Šubic Konda

    Content marketing strategist and team lead

    Tina has started in content creation at Delo and various other newspapers before following a fascination with the digital world into Renderspace. She worked on worked on content and engagement loyalty platforms for a wide range of industries and clients both domestic and international, creating content marketing strategies and planning and creating content. Her clients included Siemens, Coca-Cola, Telekom Slovenije, Zavarovalnica Triglav, NLB, Gorenje and European commission.

  • Photo

    Rok Klemenčič

    Art Director and team lead

    Rok is a visual communicator with a strong academic background, foundation in offline design and over 8 years of experience in digital design. The combination of all three enables him to create meaningful creative ideas, including corporate identities, design for crosschannel UX and CX projects and app design. His clients include The Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia, NLB, Petrol, Telekom Slovenije, Sava Hotels and Resorts, SNT Drama, Siemens.

  • Photo

    Peter Rožac

    Frontend developer and development team lead

    Peter is a frontend developer who grew up with technologies. Besides developing web solutions, he is also an SEO and web technologies consultant. He bases his comprehensive approach to projects on a myriad of career experiences. He believes in executing ideas in tight collaboration with creative and development teams. His clients include Telekom Slovenije, Petrol, Zavarovalnica Triglav and Pivovarna Laško Union.


  • Photo

    Ana Kuščer

    User experience expert for advanced business applications and websites.
  • Photo

    Julija Somrak

    Digital presence strategies and integrated communications activities expert.

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